Forward Motion - The Fred Stride Jazz Orchestra

Opposition Party

Gently Swaying

Floatation Device

A Few Shades Darker

Oddly Enough

Machina: Mvt 1: Input/Process

Machina: Mvt 2: Colossus

Machina: Mvt 3: Sound

Machina: Mvt 4: Velocity

Christmas Cheer  - The 65th Avenue Orchestra

Seaquam: A Journey To The Sky  - Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble

I - Journey and Discovery

II - Remembrances

III - Celebration and Dance

Original music published by Last Time Out Music. SOCAN

The Seas of Bliss

The Cavern of Talos

Reimaging the Rite (Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring)  - University of British Columbia Jazz Ensemble 1

Mind Bender  - The 65th Avenue Orchestra

Prime Time  - Prime Time Jazz Orchestra

Waves  - Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra

Farewell to the Mountain

Dream of the Dragon

The Swordmaster

Impressions  - University of Victoria Wind Symphony

Oddball  - Prime Time Jazz Orchestra

Music from Mythos - a story by Strider Leigh

Escape From Capricorn Station

The Lost and Forgotten

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4